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Turning the Tables: A Master Class in Off-Market Success with Real Estate Maverick, Jeff King.

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Hey everyone! So, I've been navigating the real estate world for a solid six years, and let me tell you, teaming up with Jeff King has been nothing short of a revelation. With over two decades of expertise, Jeff has fine-tuned his skills, specializing in the 28205 area and its one-of-a-kind homes. Recently Jeff took on a listing that had been sitting on the market for four months, had several price reductions in that time, and was finally taken off the market. Most agents would probably break a sweat, right? Not Jeff. As we're hashing out a game plan to get the house ready for the market, Jeff is secretly working his magic, and boom the house is under contract within 24 hours. I mean, we barely had time to finish our coffee. Sellers are on cloud nine, and I'm thinking, 'This story needs to be shared.' So, I sat down with Jeff for a chat to uncover the secrets behind his real estate wizardry. Here's the scoop...

The Jeff King Team

Amy: Hey Jeff, thanks for joining us!

Jeff King: Of course! I’m always happy to share insights into the wild world of real estate. 

Amy: OK, let's dive in. Tell me about 1929 Umstead St, a property that was listed for 125 days without success before you stepped in.

Jeff King: Certainly. This house was nestled in Villa Heights, one of my specialized areas. It had been on the market for quite some time, I saw an opportunity to employ a different approach.

1929 Umstead St
1929 Umstead St

Amy: What sets your strategy apart?

Jeff King:  I think there are a few important things that come into play here.  In my nearly 20 years working in real estate in Charlotte, I’ve done a ton of renovations, so that’s given me an eye for the little touches that are needed to show a home’s full potential.  At this point, this literally comes to me as I’m walking through a home for the first time.  It sounds a little funny, but it feels almost as if I’m a house whisperer. (Laughs) I really feel that this ability to know exactly what needs to be done combined with the strong relationships I’ve cultivated with both agents and potential buyers who are specifically interested in Plaza Midwood and the surrounding areas, gives me the unique ability to give each home the exact attention it needs to sell it in a way others can’t.  

Villa Heights
In Villa Heights, residents enjoy a dense suburban atmosphere with most owning their homes, a vibrant social scene, and desirable public schools, making it an ideal haven for young professionals.

Amy: How did these relationships contribute to the off-market success?

Jeff King: When a home has lingered on MLS for a long time without any traction, it often needs a fresh perspective. You could say it needs to be reimagined.  I think to myself, “what are the simple and cost effective things we can do to shift the way this home is currently being seen by the market?”  For this specific home, I immediately identified what needed to be done and then reached out to my network of agents and buyers who I knew were actively searching in this area.  Presenting my vision to them generated immediate interest from multiple buyers.  

Jeff King
Jeff at The NODA Company Store, where Noda, Belmont, and Villa Heights come together just north of Plaza Midwood.

Amy: Pricing is often a critical factor. How did you navigate that?

Jeff King: Selling a home is an art and a science.  Pricing is an essential piece of the puzzle.  I always conduct a thorough analysis of each property, considering what it is that makes it unique, but it’s my inside information I have as a top listing agent in Plaza Midwood that allows me to know how many buyers are out there at each price point at any given moment.  The market changes a lot depending on the month of the year, so having that real-time information is priceless.  Correct pricing -not too high, not too low- was crucial in this case.  Each home has its sweet spot when it comes to list price, so having the “behind the scenes” information is an incredible advantage. 


Jeff King Plaza Midwood's Top-Tier Real Estate Agent
Jeff's got the local scoop, and it totally guides how he prices each listing.

Amy: And the marketing aspect?

Jeff King: Marketing plays a pivotal role.  In the same way, I ask myself what is it that will make this home show in its best light, I also ask “what is it about this location that makes this home special?”  Having lived in 10 different homes in the 28205 area over the years I have first-hand experience of what it’s like to live in each different location.  I absolutely love this part of Charlotte and when I present a home to the world, I truly get excited to share not only the features of the home that are wonderful but the lifestyle that it offers as well.  The parks that are close by, the fun restaurants and coffee shops, etc.  The things that truly make this home unique.  Highlighting this, coupled with targeted digital and traditional marketing, creates a buzz before the property even hits the market. 


1812 Tippah Ave
1812 Tippah Ave Sold on 8/14/23 Off-Market for $905,000.

Amy: One day is quite impressive. How did you manage such a quick turnaround?

Jeff King: It is amazing, but everything I just mentioned came into play.  A combination of presenting a fresh vision, understanding the pulse of the market at the moment, and having the right connections were essential for making it come together so quickly.  

Central Ave in the Business District of Plaza Midwood
Jeff is local to Plaza Midwood and has been a part of the community for over 20 years.

Amy: Any final advice for fellow real estate professionals?

Jeff King: Understand your market inside and out and build relationships. Always try to see things from new perspectives and be open to innovative approaches.  Use your imagination to see potentials that others aren’t able to see. It’s really all about seeing the opportunity where others only see problems.  And most importantly, work in the areas that you love.  It makes selling a home so much easier and more fun because you truly believe in it!  

Amy: This has been awesome. Jeff, thank you for sharing your insights!

Jeff King: My pleasure!  Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts on all of this.  I really enjoyed it! 

The Jeff King Team- Plaza Midwood's #1 Real Estate Team
Jeff and I at The Cramer Estate in Plaza Midwood.

So, that's a wrap on the interview – thanks a bunch for tuning in! Working with Jeff has been a real eye-opener in the world of selling houses, and he's always down to answer questions or give advice based on his years of experience. Got a question about selling? Shoot him an email – Jeff's inbox is always open for your real estate questions!


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