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Bungalow vs. Cottage Showdown: Which Wins the Hearts and Sales in Plaza Midwood?

When it comes to choosing a dream home, architectural styles play a crucial role in shaping the hearts and minds of homebuyers. These distinct styles each bring their charm to the neighborhood, but the question remains, which one truly shines brighter in the market? Let's unravel the answer as we explore their differences.

Architectural Style:


A classic example of a bungalow at 1131 N Alexander St in Belmont
A classic example of a bungalow at 1131 N Alexander St in Belmont

A bungalow typically refers to a single-story or one-and-a-half-story house with a low-pitched roof and a spacious, open floor plan. Bungalows often have a front porch or veranda, and they are known for their simplicity and functionality.


3404 Ritch Ave in The Arts District
A classic example of a cottage at 3404 Ritch Ave in NoDa sold

A cottage, on the other hand, is typically associated with a cozy, quaint, and often picturesque design. Cottages can be one or two stories and may have features like steeply pitched roofs, gables, and decorative details.

Size and Layout:


An open layout inside a classic bunglow
Inside the open layout at 1131 N Alexander St

Bungalows are often larger and can provide more living space compared to cottages. There layouts tend to be more open connecting the kitchen, dining, and living spaces together.


Inside the Cozy dining room at 3404 Ritch Ave
Inside the cozy dining room at 3404 Ritch Ave

Cottages tend to be smaller and cozier, emphasizing a more compact and intimate living environment. They can be one or two stories, offering flexibility in terms of layout and design.

Historical Significance:


Arts and Crafts Bungalow at 1330 Pecan Ave
A classic example of an Arts and Crafts bungalow at 1330 Pecan Ave in Historic Plaza Midwood

Arts and Craft Bungalow in Plaza Midwood
This bungalow at 1420 Pecan Ave showcases exquisite craftsman-style elements.

Bungalows became popular in the early 20th century in the United States and are associated with the Arts and Crafts movement. The Arts and Crafts movement emphasized craftsmanship, handcrafted materials, and a return to traditional, artisanal techniques.


A very seaside looking rustic front door at 2121 Winter St
A very seaside looking rustic front door at 2121 Winter St

A cozy screened in porch on the back of 2121 Winter St in Plaza Midwood
A traditional screened in porch on the back of 2121 Winter St

Cottages have a long history and are often associated with rural or seaside living. They draw from traditional architectural styles. Cottages are frequently associated with idyllic settings such as the countryside, beach, or a forest, which adds to their quaint appeal.



A large living space perfect for gatherings at 318 Orange St
A large living space perfect for gatherings at this beautiful bungalow at 318 Orange St

Bungalows are frequently used as primary residences and can accommodate larger families. They cater to a diverse range of homebuyers. Their captivating front porches and historical allure often fulfill the dream of rocking on a chair in true Plaza Midwood style.


Plaza Midwood Airbnb at 1204 Clement Ave
A cute cottage serves as a popular Plaza Midwood Airbnb at 1204 Clement Ave

Cottages are often used as a vacation home, or for people seeking a simpler, more rustic lifestyle. Cottages are often sought after by homebuyers aiming to downsize from spacious suburban family homes to charming abodes nearer the city, like this Airbnb in Historic Plaza Midwood.

So. which one claims the throne in this fiercely competitive real estate market? To find out, let's dive into the sales history of the past two years in Plaza Midwood.


A cozy cottage at 1816 Hall Ave in Plaza Midwood
A cozy cottage at 1816 Hall in Plaza Midwood

Plaza Midwood's Quaint Cottages Command the Market! With an average price of $750k, these cozy homes are hot properties, typically under contract in just 5 days and selling for 1% above list price. Their compact size packs a punch, with a higher price per square foot at $442, surpassing the neighborhood's average of $407.


1601 The Plaza
A beautiful bungalow sits on "Bungalow Row" at 1601 The Plaza

While the word 'bungalow' is synonymous with iconic charm, these homes come with a surprising twist—they often command a lower sales price compared to cottages. The average price for a Plaza Midwood bungalow stands at $722k. They tend to find buyers in 6 days (just 1 day more than cottages) and, like their cottage counterparts, often fetch 1% over list price. Their larger size makes them an attractive option, with a lower price per square foot at $415.

And the Winner is... The Cottage!

Record breaking sale at 2121 Winter St
This cottage at 2121 Winter St broke a record in September 2022, selling for a whopping $629 per square ft

1432 Thomas Ave
This bungalow at 1432 Thomas Ave just sold for an impressive $591 per square ft

Over the past two years, a spirited showdown unfolded, with 63 bungalows making their mark against a modest 37 cottages. The score? Cottages clinch the win! It's a battle of supply and demand—bungalows may be in abundance, but the allure of cottages drives up demand and prices. With their captivating charm that leaps from photos, these homes cater to an influx of homebuyers in search of an idyllic, uncomplicated lifestyle set in a premium location.

Seeking To Buy or Sell Your Dream Cottage or Bungalow?

The Jeff King Team

At the Jeff King Team, our expertise lies in uniting our clients with the distinctive homes they're looking for, with a particular focus on historic treasures such as bungalows and cottages. If you're considering selling your idyllic bungalow, you need an agent with expertise in this unique style. Our bungalows sell for 8% more than the Plaza Midwood average, commanding an impressive $473 per square foot compared to the $415 average. Even in the competitive cottage market, our listings move faster, selling in just 3 days compared to the 5-day average.


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