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Skyrocketing Returns: Jeff's Client Scores Big in Plaza Midwood: A $152,750 Profit in 500 Days!

Updated: Mar 6

1628 Morningside Dr Sells for $951,750

In the bustling real estate market of Plaza Midwood, success stories often unfold with speed and remarkable gains. With nearly 20 years of experience, Jeff stands at the forefront of these triumphs, consistently delivering exceptional results for his clients. But how does he do it? Let's dive into this story...

The Kitchen layout

In October 2022, Jeff set his sights on this charming 3-bedroom house on Morningside Dr, listed at a reasonable price of $799k. He knew this house had what buyers were looking for, a historic bungalow feel with a modern interior layout and new construction amenities. Leveraging his expertise and a keen eye for deals, Jeff knew this property was a steal and advised his buyers to snatch it up!

The living Room

Fast forward 500 days later, and Jeff's clients found themselves in need of selling, to move out of state. This time, with Jeff as the listing agent, they sold the same property for an impressive $951,750 – a whopping $101,750 over the asking price. This remarkable profit speaks volumes about Jeff's ability to identify value and capitalize on market trends.

The Primary Suite

So, what's Jeff's secret sauce? It starts with identifying the right deals for his clients. Houses that are under-marketed and/or priced incorrectly so they sit on the market. Then on the listing side, Jeff markets the home for maximum returns. With the combination of the best marketing and emphasizing unique features like the primary suite on the main level, Jeff enhances the property's appeal and drives up its value in the eyes of potential buyers.

The Backyard

Working alongside his trusted partner, Amy, and the rock star marketing team at Savvy + Co Real Estate, Jeff orchestrates a seamless selling process from start to finish. Their collaborative efforts ensure that every aspect – from staging to marketing – is executed with precision and finesse. And he has fun doing it!

Jeff King

Bottom line: A home sold with Jeff King is like taking a desirable commodity and putting rocket fuel on it. As Plaza Midwood continues to flourish, Jeff remains the go-to agent for those seeking exceptional results in the competitive real estate landscape.

If you are thinking of buying or selling in Plaza Midwood do your future self a big favor and contact The Jeff King Team today!


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